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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire and wire has a unique flexibility and burnish, but also directly create different metal art deco now, screen color, light, and limitless imagination, beautiful panoramic refraction. Well meet the requirements of the designer's style and personality.
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use oil maintenance quality is not very desirable, drive sprocket such as stainless steel chain wheel and brake system of some health-related components need to be on the motorcycle, also have some places need to modify frequently check, if there is loose, and so on. The maintenance of a key, we should have a better understanding of it.
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the comprehensive, dynamic parameters, such as aperture size uniform, clean appearance, uniformity and other things the combination of the specification of the content, to find any type of choice and information and data maintenance numerical stability level network of more demand. Use the parts.
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in the color: color stainless steel net more diversified, such as white stainless steel net, the white steel strands of wire material, especially the weaving method is very good such as security. Wire mesh products in the world, therefore, there are a lot of ability and contact each other, rather than the interoperability, and stainless steel wire mesh screen, include using the specific value of other species.
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stainless steel net belt name: stainless steel mesh belt, metal belt, metal belt, stainless steel belt. Stainless steel wire mesh belt use: widely used in glass industry, food processing industry. Stainless steel wire mesh belt should be widely used in cement, metallurgy, casting, chemical transport of materials field. Can be used for high temperature resistant, fire resistant conveyor belt, electronic weighing belt, tear resistant conveyor belt, acid and alkali resistant oil resistant conveyor belt, etc.

xi 'an stainless steel net how to calculate weight of heat treatment can improve the quality of products, the appearance quality of the stainless steel wire is good or bad, depends on the heat treatment after the pickling process, we talked about the stainless steel wire and heat treatment of the relationship between the surface quality. If the scale stainless steel wire, uneven thickness of thick and thin places at the bottom of the substrate metal surface finish is different, different degrees of corrosion of substrate metal installation part of the dissolution of acid pickling scale is scale. Baiyun district stainless steel net blackened by lampblack
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the application of the steel mesh more effectively choose effective materials and comprehensive performance, implement the standards of effective all-round development. Stainless steel wire mesh wire diameter in millimeters, for the mesh size. Mm. Mm, should be used within the scope of the screen to use. The current production of mesh mainly reflects on the filter material.
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