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stainless steel wire mesh principle function is linear shale shaker, pour two synchronous motor exciter is installed into the reverse exciting force, is bind belt mesh in the vertical direction of movement, to periodically by the distance thrown forward for the exciting force of a material, so as to complete the screening operation materials, so as to the choice of molecular sieve is not the same size are not the same.
huanggang yancheng stainless steel net mesh English how to write by it's
carrying things, should choose the same grid is usually large network transmission chain, stainless steel net. With acid and corrosion resistance, stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel split delivery goods, network chain, chain, chain, bar delivery, etc.
zhuhai of guangdong stainless steel net how to calculation of coil diameter
filter stainless steel net, in recent years, in order to adapt to use filter stainless steel net diversification and higher art confession, explore the 'black art' with color processing method, and has become the mainstream of this field. In method to stainless steel color, black ink printing, including the use of color wire behind the screen and chemical method.
heze stainless steel wire mesh fence how fixed
stainless steel net bending fatigue, resistance can be used. Stainless steel net the preparation of small wheel diameter, even nontoxic preparations can bear all the tackiness article:. 。 Stainless steel wire mesh is difficult to adhere to any material easy to scan all sorts of smear washing conflict back to its table. , stains or other additions.
stainless steel net edition do
in jiangxi province is the significance of production of a large number of common stainless steel net, in order to improve the competitiveness of the market, small profits, sales volume is big, can immediately delivered to the buyer, grab some potential customers.
add how to distinguish the city or stainless steel wire mesh,
CrNiMN near as Y is not easy to stay longer, overtemperature long separation FeCr phase goldsmith session, this will seriously deteriorated plastic, stainless steel intergranular corrosion resistance and other features, general carbon steel temperature normalizing Y time heating can lead to whole grains, and patience.
puyang stainless steel net how to repair the burrs
assumes that no matter what problems in the application process, please as soon as possible with this position of the professional maintenance personnel for repair, do not take the initiative to break up. In use process, don't disassemble the equipment. If you need repair, should cut off the power supply as soon as possible, avoid unnecessary damage.
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