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stainless steel mesh can be divided into plain weave, twill, plain weave and twill woven.
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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire mesh size chain is very thin and dense and stable solid rich in chromium oxide with corrosive resistance of membrane surface and form. Once the film is continuum damage corrosion of metal surface will be continuous. Through many thin film in the form of the table surface damage, there are a few more common daily life.
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metallographic investigation of tempering steel wire CrNiMo arrangement, the tensile strength and hardness test, tensile spring tension and compression testing machine were used to detect the extension spring temper the spring property values. Cold drawn wire layout CrNiMo micro material is a kind of typical fiber arrangement cold longitudinal cross section and direction of fibers in the drawing, it is not easy to distinguish the grain boundary. Arrange a 'CrNiMo state of cold drawn martensite and retained austenite phase.
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woven mesh, expanded metal mesh, mesh, welded wire mesh, barbed wire, etc. Described above, there is no special conditions, general stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire woven wire mesh, such as stainless steel quamnet, mat type nets, stainless steel profile, etc. Material: common material mainly, SUS,,, HC. 。 L, etc. Product specifications: eye to eye, width:. M? 。 M. Hohhot stainless steel net seam to do

in the process of the three order are not interchangeable. Coatings have grease paint, natural resin coating, epoxy resin coating, such as a variety of phenolic resin coating, can choose according to actual situation. In order to make the coating is good, strong, wear-resisting, must be used after it is dry. Different pretreatment method of stainless steel wire mesh band. Spraying method such as manual, active, static, electrophoresis method, can undertake choosing according to the batch size, shape.
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to adjust the content of the steel prices and the associated level of the main factors of iron and steel scale change, the rise of steel prices market information function. The appearance of the screen data data, the information can be used in the production of information, this is the price of the entire screen and major changes, but the best is to use keane net long durable material of external information requirements gathering material parameters. The importance of demand.
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mesh: the mesh. Wire diameter:. ~。 Mm wide: the biggest m; Length: generally m, special specifications to be determined. Stainless steel welded mesh, stainless steel welded mesh is made of high quality stainless steel wire welded together by row, mesh surface smooth, uniform mesh, welding point solid. Mesh: MMMM. : wire diameter. 毫米。 mm; Width: no more than M. Length is commonly meters, special specifications to be determined.
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