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different screen machine for mass production is determined by the performance in actual use of the product material used in the production process of screen of type of products are in the same range of welding machine or knitting machine. Classification welding screen and extended woven screen.
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from the discharge outlet of dirty water. After minutes of this, then go to flush valve, water from water inlet, from the media, so the rest of the dirty water will discharge outlet of the leadership of the water flowing down. The whole process takes about minutes later, in the direction of bottom valve operation, filter operation facilities should conduct periodic scouring both positive and negative, and explain the principle is the same before.
zunyi chengdu stainless steel mesh
how long a period of time, on the surface of stainless steel screen can display the service life of the filter, which is by the principle of filtering operation of long life and filter the network choice of materials. I has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, bowl can perform the selected material maintenance. It is freedom of corrosion and fouling of any impact, so as to realize the water and oil of all kinds of filters.

zhoushan stainless steel net how to open hole mesh can be processed into a unique color, the decorative metal nets some color, different texture is made of different materials and processing methods, retain the advantages of metal, easy maintenance, and easy to clean and smooth appearance, better meet the requirements of the designer's style and personality.

how hebei stainless steel wire mesh welding product shape: rectangular oval rounded rectangle cap waist shape abnormity, stainless steel welding net data: stainless steel net, copper mesh, pad net, stainless steel sintered wire mesh, stainless steel grid, metal wire mesh, steel plate net, punching net, metal mesh. Product structure: single, double, three, four, five layer and multilayer.
hebei stainless steel wire mesh colander how wash
centrifugal filtration unit ( Known as the sand) Mainly used for the eradication of well water and sediment. Centrifugal filter works by high speed rotating centrifugal flow, the heavier gravel and other debris from the water, seizures, respectively, in them there is no filter, no removable parts, maintenance is easy. At the bottom of the centrifugal filter sand storage washing again again necessary to prevent sediment accumulation into the system. Organic matter is impurity density less than water, centrifugal filtration or bad, only within a certain range of flow rate, centrifugal filter talents should possess the advantages of water purification.
ankang stainless steel wire mesh side how
how to distinguish the quality of the stainless steel mesh? First take a look at raw materials! The major parts of stainless steel mesh is stainless steel. The professional name for austenitic stainless steel. Maybe some people would call ferritic stainless steel. Some call it austenitic stainless steel producers duplex stainless steel and ferrite and martensite stainless steel, etc. , there is also a different name? Why are there so many titles?
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