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the dust on the surface of the stainless steel, easy to remove dirt, with soap and warm water or weak washing erosion. Stainless steel surface and the film label, wash with warm water, weak detergent, adhesive composition, rubbing alcohol or organic solvent ( Diethyl ether, benzene) 。 The stainless steel surface of the grease, oil, lubricant pollution with a soft cloth, and then washing to neutral, with ammonia solution or special washing or cleaning.
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stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh filter function of safe, accurate, and other features. We can produce various types of duplex stainless steel mesh. Screen according to user needs processing. Materials, materials, materials, standard:? 吗? 吗? ASTM/AM A duplex stainless steel is A duplex stainless steel and alloy hromium,. Olybdenum and nitrogen. I alloy.
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tea stain on the conveyor belt of heat resistant material, coking, sintering, high temperature materials, such as cement clinker. Conveying material temperature must not exceed ℃, with surface temperatures shall not exceed the degrees] 吗? Heat resistant conveyor belt characteristics:. EPDM rubber is used as the cover layer, heat resistant conveyor belt of strengthen the employment is a special high temperature material canvas, unique formula design.
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shock sieve, the nets, food machinery network, cooker, wall network, food, highway, railway, the infrastructure network, can be used for the classification of the solid material is used as a screening mesh, used in liquid and slurry, aquaculture filtering and other civilian.
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thin stainless steel wire mesh belt parts. With the acceleration of wear and tear, corrosion will affect chain hinge and roll back sensitive, at the same time also can appear stress corrosion and corrosion grain. In order to choose chain used in corrosive environment, the choice of materials must pay attention to the chain parts. Maraging stainless steel series as a part of the chain is rusted, depends on the working conditions. Correct application in the corrosion environment chain anti-corrosion technology, help to master the anticorrosion technology.
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screen price of stainless steel and stainless steel tube screen, iron ( Fe) Chromium atoms are passivated, because electronic for pole. Other researchers, when the chromium content in the solid solution alloy reaches/( 。 One hundred percent) , can from one electrode potential. Join to + V. V and adding the electrode potential, metals are described in more as electrolyte stability, it is not a pure corrosion.
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the current popular fabric classification method can from the square, rectangle mesh mesh mesh mesh, prisms and other mesh on the surface to be Shared.
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