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Wujing conveniently picked up the side of the mattress, blocking the ammunition is stainless steel wire material - although the mattress News and information - Business information -

In a recent issue of the program, there is a topic is, what material can block on the rocket attacks, in the discussion moderator sa beining mentioned a phenomenal movie 'Wolf' in the classic lens, that is in the ammunition was going to attack to Wu Jingshi, wujing blocking the ammunition conveniently picked up the side of the mattress. Although the mattress is stainless steel wire material, or by sa beining, the scene in the movie, in violation of the basic laws of Newton. The if taken, starring zhou xun biography, wal play the role of emperor qianlong, qianlong imperial crowns on the design is a great leader? Small make up to estimate the time of emperor qianlong clothing is not very serious, these goof too embarrassed. Is it through the air conditioning? Andreas when writing text for the selection of shi bedroom maid, is a pair of hand of fine fine jade, but also there are nails, but next second andreas in scripture coarsened by signature when the hand bell, but also have no nails, is really embarrassed. Propaganda ChuQiaoChuan cast: 'next time be sure to let the hands for cut the nails clean point ah'. Goof types: lens dislocation props in film and television works can say one of the most important link in production part, a lot of classics to a prop or even at the lavishly, what's more, some of the shortage of funds the cast is also trying to get props maximum reduction is clear. In the TV series 'the drunk and exquisite,' Cecilia liu played by wu clan virgin chicken QingChen look quite beautiful and free from vulgarity, but chicken QingChen hands holding a LingShi looked at how so familiar? Turned out to be a big duck neck! Looks like the cast is really will save money, maybe after the play as snacks, it is really is the best of both worlds! A group of XiuNv just into the palace, deserve to go up two air conditioners, what all don't take it, cast and even are different, the wear help let a person have nothing to say. In this paper, original, images derived from the network, if you have the same, please contact the author to delete, I wish you a happy happy every day.
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