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With the filter mesh aperture is how calculated? __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Wire mesh number refers to the per square centimeter ( cm2) With the number of mesh screen. Screen to express mesh units in the product specification is hole/cm or line/cm. Using imperial units of countries and regions, with hole/inch or line/inch to express number of wire mesh. General can illustrate the screen mesh of the secret between the wire and the wire. The higher the mesh screen closer, the smaller the mesh. On the contrary, the lower the mesh screen is more sparse, the bigger the mesh, such as 150 eye/inch, 1 inch with 150 mesh. The smaller mesh, ink through the worse, the mesh, the greater the ink by sex, the better. When choosing silk screen can according to the requirement of printing precision, choose different mesh screen. Crimped wire mesh count, is the number of holes, that is, the number of holes per square inch. The greater the number, the smaller the aperture. Generally speaking, the mesh by the aperture ( Micron number) = 15000. ( Comparing the right should be 15400) Intention, for example, 400 mesh aperture is 38 microns; 500 intention of sieve aperture is 30 microns. Opening rate because of the problem, that is because the woven wire mesh with wire of different thickness, different countries of the specification is different also, there is the United States, Britain and Japan standard three, similar in Britain and the United States, Japan's different. Used is the standard in our country, is also given above formula calculation are available.
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