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Wire mesh structure of defoaming brief explanation

Wire mesh structure of defoaming brief description

screen defoaming device is mainly composed of wire mesh, wire mesh grille screen and fixed mesh blocks of a supporting device, silk screen for all kinds of gas liquid filter, gas-liquid filter is composed of metal wire or non-metal wire. Gas-liquid filter of non-metallic wire from non-metallic fiber strand twist into the system, also for single strands of non-metallic wire engineering plastics such as PP polypropylene and PTFE teflon, also can use type gas-liquid mixed filter such as metal and polypropylene, or teflon engineering plastic, metal and various fiber mixed line combination, etc.

production screen defoaming device used for the gas and liquid filter device and supporting members are from our factory according to the chemical HG/T screen defoaming standard production ( In addition to the thickness and density of foam can also according to customer demand production) 。

http / / www。 shshaiwang。 Com/our factory production of silk screen defoaming, not only can filter liquid foam larger suspended in the air, and can filter out small and tiny liquid foam, widely used in chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels and other industries in the gas-liquid separation device.
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