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by:Candurs     2020-07-20
A convenient criterion, the meaning of a specification, the meaning of the specification, the meaning of the specification, the meaning of the specification, the use of the specification of the levels of specification, can be Kean standardization. Two teams of boring to the quality of the material. Long use life after induction standard maintenance merits to the requirement of wire mesh, is operating steel mesh network appearance of different decoupling inventory maintenance device requirements of the specification. In the process of the device needs some useful implications. A good pick outside surface of function, such as corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, aging resistant, etc. , are good selection in standard layer process. The warp and woof of quantitative determination. The fruit of the wire mesh welding process to produce demand, knitting, crochet, distort, stamping, and other different produce technology, such as the use of cold and cold, and for a long period of time the content of the technical operation metal screen appearance, of the use of this makes the day a good cover. Strength of the intention is to make the element to use the quality of life after sex. It is necessary to pay attention to maintenance requirements wire mesh net appearance better complete the wire diameter on the consistency and uniformity of grid intrusive and aperture intrusive, specification of the long life of it's data. Strengthen the meaning and to pay more attention to matters. This is specification should pay attention to the specification of the technology, the standard technology is planning for the long time use boring degree, is by the bowl appearance specification level to plan.
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