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Wire mesh industry science and technology innovation to form the advantages of __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

In order to make the wire mesh industry to speed up the real, upgrade and improve mesh, wire mesh industry adjustment and revitalization plan has been formulated, the park's breakthrough has been achieved in the near future, key construction project implementation industrial area, east and lots of big project technology content high, large investment, and not to the ground, pollution and carried out the research institutions and the establishment of the science and technology reward base screen. Gold, and a series of policy measures to promote independent innovation. At the same time, through the introduction of new and high technology and independent research and development, the introduction of 87 kinds of new products, and 16 kinds of new technology. Enterprise was rated as high-tech enterprises. Some of the high precision products have been applied to the three gorges project, west-east gas, the shenzhou series and so on big projects. Through scientific and technological innovation, rapidly improve the printing product's competitiveness. Market share is rising, the industrial system is increasingly perfect. The screen the mechanization level of 99% or more of the industry, intelligence level has reached about 30%, and 50% of the equipment has reached the leading level in China, polyester net and printing net machine has reached the international leading level. At the same time, has reached more than 500 registered trademark, brand 18 at the provincial level. Screen production have been all over the country, radiation more than 10 cities and counties, the county silk stall of network industry and trade enterprises reached 1. 1 million, more than 140000 employees, 500 million flat screen, more than 80% of the domestic production and sales of stainless steel net.
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