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Why use within the teapot filter sieve __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Choose the pot set is to filter out the effect of the high depending on the filter screen residue residue in tea, tea content of purity. Using a variety of noodles can combine should be used to evaluate according to the importance of work. Filter cake to eat high mesh density of the surface of the filter cake can be included in the bowl of filter out various residual particles on the filtering effect of tea. Orphan teapot mesh installation and use, it is in the process of high temperature boiling water impact, tea contains excess material can achieve comprehensive meaning of filtration performance. Sieve surface material suggestion choice stainless steel wire mesh on the surface of material used for filtration of industry to achieve any kind of material failure in any type of contact in the process of two kinds of material or in the whole process of various materials and filtering. For a long time, stainless steel mesh surface can display screen life of long life, the principle is through the filter and filter selected materials to operate in the network. My noodles corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, can be maintenance for the selected material. It is not affected by any corrosion and dirt, so as to achieve a variety of drinking water and oil filter. Suitable for all kinds of the standard of raw material use, such as cooking oil filter. Saliva advantage lies in choosing the right on the surface of the stainless steel mesh wire diameter, mesh size and mesh shape, in order to achieve a certain material on the mesh of purity. , and other advantages of adaptive feature size, size, and so on to achieve the effect of the comprehensive performance of standard selection can be mixed by filtering the purity of liquid and solid particles can be through the mesh surface.
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