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Are promoting austenitic manganese and nickel alloy elements, and therefore can replace nickel ( Or replace part) Manganese, but its not corrosion resistance. Therefore, manganese cannot serve as alloying element in stainless steel wire mesh. Of austenitic manganese influence like nickel, not constitute austenite, but the critical cooling rate of steel fell, advances the stability of austenite in the cooling process, bay of austenite is divided. High temperature of austenite can insist at room temperature, manganese effect on the corrosion resistance of steel is not obvious. This is because the manganese solution to progress the effect of electrode potential is not big, oxide film formation maintenance effect is very low, so the professional use of austenitic steel ( 7Mn15Cr2A13V2WMo, 5Mn15Cr8N) 。 50 mn18cr4wn I5Mo3V2, 40 mn18cr4, etc. ) As stainless steel wire mesh, but you can't use, so not a stainless steel wire mesh. Abundant use of manganese in stainless steel instead of nickel can't solve the problem of stainless steel net of corrosion resistance. This is due to chromium manganese steel should be intact austenite. In addition to the appropriate content of chromium and manganese, carbon content should also be considered. When carbon content in steel is low, it is hard to get good austenitic structure. If the carbon content in the steel increases, the corrosion resistance of steel will fall. Other, chromium manganese in 500 - stainless steel 800 c after heating, the steel intergranular corrosion resistance is much lower. Titanium and niobium in can't drop their susceptibility to corrosion between particles. Therefore, according to 18 8 cr-ni austenitic stainless steel woven model, manganese and manganese replace or add method is used to replace all nickel, manganese and nitrogen and low nickel stainless steel screen and do not contain nickel, stainless steel wire mesh, such as 12 cr17mn6ni5n ( 201). , and 20 cr15mn15ni2n, used for screen instead of nickel and manganese and nitrogen. There are 26 cr18mn12si2n and so on. National standards have been inherit and use of parts can be replaced traditional 18 8 chromium nickel stainless steel net, such as 10 cr17mn9ni4n, 20 cr13mn9ni4, has excellent atmospheric corrosion function.
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