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Why processing stainless steel mesh to use cutting fluid __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Stainless steel mesh customer after I receive my product will reflect the general situation of why there are oil? That's because the stainless steel mesh used in the process of building city to the cutting fluid, cutting fluid is what? What's the sense of cutting fluid? To understand it. Stainless steel punching line cutting fluid, also called the cutting coolant fluid of the cutting work. The cutting fluid generally has a wonderful cooling, lubrication, cleaning and antirust function, but also has other special function: there is a dielectric strength, to free, arcing, prevent broken wires and use of long life, safe and nontoxic, etc. Use appropriate thread cutting fluid can obtain ideal roughness and machining efficiency, and can delay the using life of the machine tool. Stainless steel mesh to build the most commonly used is synthetic, synthetic completely made up of water soluble substances, when using water dilute aqueous solution of 5% ~ 25%. Products such as synthetic cutting fluid and water-soluble cutting fluid, round slices in liquid, etc. Should be against the use of 75 ~ 95% of the water, water is the basic of the vast sectors, it is referred to as the water-base working fluid. The synthetic liquid is in aqueous solution, water soluble working fluid is only refers to the synthetic liquid. Stainless steel mesh products is through CNC punch through physical cut holes on the sheet metal stamping technology process, this is bound to happen in the great heat. Leading to deformation of the plate and blunt needle damage, so we in the process of punching mesh overview of meddling in the city of cutting fluid, so that both can temperature as the impregnation and caress plank can lubricate the also can not rust, is a great way to a win-win-win.
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