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Why did king kong mesh wire netting the need when using lubricating oil __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

King kong net effect of lubricating oil are ordinary lubrication oil of utility, we the utility of the lubricating oil is oil, rust, loss between silk, shares, stocks, and friction wheel groove, increase between relatively lubricating oil, avoid background gas corrosion of steel wire rope. Is it in production already enough oil, but after operation, oil will detract from, and king kong network appearance will take the dust dirt, debris, etc. Over the wire rope and rope wheel wear and rust. Because of this, should be regular cleaning and refueling. Add lubricating oil way is to use steel wire brush and other corresponding tools and wipe away the wire rope of the dust of appearance, the heating molten gold net looks fat evenly daub on the stainless steel wire rope they. According to the different use, office, office background load, choosing appropriate grease, to have the ideal lubricating effect. King kong mesh wire netting in manufacturing, the demand for kong net cutting, as its cutting is considered appropriate and use high pressure device, so there are many security project needs attention. In one end cutting operation, and high pressure water spray after cutting machine downtime, operating positions of the people to deal with the following things project check and clear admit, in order to make the next cut cut office without difficulty. In order to avoid cutting when working for cutting set inappropriate or punch, revealed high pressure water recoil and water injection fluid distributing and hurt people who speak positions, cutting parts should be appropriate obscures, around the high pressure water jet flow is separated from the people operating positions. For high pressure water jet flow formed by water mist, such as the workshop is not set general ventilation and exhaust system, at least in the cutting area equipped with stomach sex ventilation exhaust device. In order to avoid high-pressure water injection in the process of cutting fluid recoil, cutting office set structure to fit the default, at the same time device can be mounted to the nozzle in the first place. See fit to use artificial moved to send cut cut material to cutting parts unloaded office or cut after the move, in order to prevent the high pressure water jet inches of injured workers suddenly, also should be the high pressure water residual stress release in advance.
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