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Which of the zoo using BaiNiaoYuan net more

Which use the zoo BaiNiaoYuan network more

there are many animals around us, there are a lot of birds, if not in a cage, so it must be with BaiNiaoYuan network into captivity. So what are your side is to use cage birds kept up! Which USES the zoo BaiNiaoYuan net breeding wild birds?

a small zoo is not to need to build large BaiNiaoYuan, considering from the following aspects, 1. Cost, the construction cost of the stainless steel BaiNiaoYuan network is still relatively high compared to 2. Use the space, small don't have enough space to build BaiNiaoYuan zoo. 3. No wild birds, only large precious birds, also is the national protected animal, can enjoy such treatment.

the need for large zoo BaiNiaoYuan installation: 1. First big zoo has a strong capital, support from many countries precious birds support work. 2. To breeding for a long time, so it is necessary to build BaiNiaoYuan used for a long time. 3. Have scientific research value, the large zoo has scientific research value, can for biology research. 4. Has a long-term view and admire value, this is the main source of the follow-up funds.

in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu and other large zoo, zoo of scientific research value, usually with BaiNiaoYuan BaiNiaoYuan network construction, these places have a large social scientific research institution, the social value and scientific value, a dual-use, can better BaiNiaoYuan reasonable use of social resources.

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