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When ordering stainless steel wire mesh products data to detailed quotation

Use customers, corporate customers friend, inquiry mesh products before there should be more specific of the specifications of the size and quantity requirements, so just good offer, many companies friend ask price, we ask size requirements, the number of requirements, said their customer didn't say, let the first quote, we suggest that the company of friends, when your customer inquiry to you, please clear, feeling a lot of friends of our company seems unwilling to ask to the customer, say sorry, this is not what I'm sorry, this is a must to know, can't go to guess the customer request, the question must ask clear. Don't know the size, don't know the number of reported flat prices, this is no, 1 meter wide, 2 meters wide and 3 meters wide and 4 meters wide, 5 meters wide, 6 meters wide, flat prices are not the same, cannot do simple flat rice multiplication, the number is the same, the number of more and less flat rice price is different also, a lot of specifications of width is required, such as 3 meters wide, is can't do some specifications. If at the last, how to do customer requires 3 meters wide, is not the problem of price, can't be done, who is also not good. So don't go to guess.

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