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What wire fence specification

Home page active fence is to wire rope net or TECCO high strength steel grille net mainly all kinds of flexible network coverage or wrapped in need of protection on the slopes or cliff stone, in order to limit the slope rock mass weathering flake or destruction and dangerous rock collapse, Reinforcement effect) , or rockfall control within a certain range movement ( Maintenance role) 。 Passive protection system USES high strength hot dip galvanized steel wire, wire mesh, not less than AB anticorrosive processing, its anti-corrosion life according to different environmental conditions can generally be greater than 30 - For 50 years. Mainly on the slope instability and potential from the rock fall risk prevention and control of slope, with crisscrossed 16 and 12 support rope, according to the slope shape m or 4. 8 * 4. 8米) Square pattern decorate ark, with 4 * 4 m of active network using the pre tensioning suture line, make the system to the direction of the slope with certain preload pressure, by raising the risk of rock mass stability, prevent the occurrence of rock fall, at the same time the system will not affect the normal discharge of groundwater, and provides the prerequisite to slope ecological management.
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