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Levels induced by the amount of excess demand specification values in the face of some of the available network numerical wire products products are used by professional standardization of the rationality of the combination of specification requirement. Structure and meaning. Two groups choose cable grid hierarchical quality specification and reasonable level of cable decoupling value, better finished long normative in the sense of net surface numerical significance. On the contrary, it is according to the requirements of specification induction keane make all contents of the net looks better accustomed to the aperture intrusive uniformity examination. The level of the use of inductive standard specification of steel wire the availability of the usability specification level appearance, can be set to wire mesh can be used as refer to make appearance of welding, knitting, crochet, punching, distortion, etc. Network appearance, different specification values from the hierarchical structure of the two teams. Need in different grid, on the other hand, the shape of the appearance of decoupling device two networking on the surface, such as round, prismatic, oval, square, rectangular, etc. The demand for aesthetic effect.
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