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poor fracture mesh material, chemical combination described do not conform to the requirements of the relevant technology, low chromium, nickel, high manganese content respectively to CrNi steel corrosion resistance is reduced, more dispersed carbide particles in microstructure and ferrite greatly reduce the resistance to stress corrosion and pitting corrosion properties of grid.
according to any machine in transition pulley pawl valleys. Practice proves that the horizontal rope type stainless steel wire mesh and the lack of strength, at the start of the pulley from forming stainless steel net force is too large, resulting in stainless steel net tear tape, pulley music music and drum head can be completely deal with the title.
the sheet of the stainless steel filter product of stainless steel filter according to the shape, such as a circle, circle, rectangle, oval, crescent, semicircle, triangle is several pieces, such as the shape of a standard filter, material, density of filter can be customized according to customer's requirements. Also known as the filter filter, filter and so many titles.
concept stainless steel net transit use safety equipment is still in the public environment and the social security concept. In fact, the use of different stainless steel wire mesh and the family. The domestic stainless steel has been abroad for a long time. Especially in areas such as Australia and prosperity of the U. S. economy, and use of stainless steel in the country to country has a long history. Due to the vast area in these countries, in the United States and other countries, groups range distribution business on the basis of farm households.
the strut strength, the size of the chain ( Drum drive chain to choose) Selects the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor. To calculate the output type stainless steel wire mesh belt conveyor and conveyor speed proportional relations, so as to achieve the output of %. Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor motor power ratio and speed ratio, according to the total load quickly out of the motor torque, calculate the appropriate power of motor and speed ratio, meet the requirements of %.
what the extent of the stainless steel filter wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh to understand how to use stainless steel filter when stainless steel is used as a filter screen, the vast majority of solid particles can prevent minimum diameter, wire mesh, stainless steel filter is called. Stainless steel wire mesh filter square hole is the mesh size. Mesh size, which directly affects the degree of filtering the actual value.
available % nitrate or abrasive detergent or special scour to clean. As long as we use the correct maintenance method, we can extend the service life of stainless steel, adhere to its clean, bright, rich bearings.
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