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Stainless steel wire mesh sometimes appear broken wires in the production process, this kind of situation will seriously affect the quality of stainless steel wire mesh. Many skills not skilled, inexperienced people work, don't know where is problem, more do not know how to deal with, here small make up is this a problem for the resolution, the hope can help you. Mold adjustment error of the scale of the computer, in the weaving process to form normal crunch than the share of disorder, form of bolt. Processing method is to make sure that the mold's computer scale absolute scale. Interrupt oil may be without water, the process of mould on the mould short time run big pitch, tightening share of the present disorders, and broken wires. Processing way is to add lubricant to each mold in a timely manner, to ensure that its cooling and lubrication. When present in the process of weaving wicker silk, linear speed too fast can form stainless steel net broken wires. The only way is to replace the mold, to ensure that the wicker silk phenomenon. Mold a piece of natural path loss too fast, the formation of share of before and after tightening in weaving imbalance, presents the broken wires. Main show is a bearing presents several broken wires. Before and after the treatment method is to replace the mould, adjust the austerity share, until the normal. Above points is presented in stainless steel wire mesh weaving processing scheme and the reason of broken wires, here are just a snapshot of the, if you want to know more clearly need professionals to find relevant information.
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