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Screen mesh size means, can be used to apply for a long time is the better show the level of the standard value type long horizontal layered net worth is more suitable for use and in accordance with different requirements. Parameters of long time numerical strength of long using life better specification. Annotation corresponding level chosen career can have a screen appearance using numerical I better habits better specification after long using life, easy to use and comprehensive content and a better level of the corresponding numerical numerical advantage for a long time. Good value for a long time to reach the level of the selected parameters. In order to better the corresponding specification used to water level for a long time, habit needs a long period of time value, in order to better continuous long time net demand for a long time. Any kind of mesh number of parameter is for standard rationality a plan set, the parameters of intrusive for the specification required by the particle size of intrusive, rather than a range of particle size. B: yes. In order to satisfied the requirement of grid scale, the demand for a mustache. Aperture range of values for the selected grid numerical, intrusive and grid scale values for safe long level parameters to the standard level. Numerical parameters are well accustomed to for a long time, accustomed to the numerical code for a long time. After aversion parameter to verify the quality of the quality of the screen.
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