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What kind of the specifications of the stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless steel rope mesh material and specification, the quality requirements of steel wire rope net should meet the requirements of 'wire line' ( GB / T8919) ; Galvanized steel wire rope in accordance with the requirements of GB/T8919 6 levels of galvanized steel wire, its nominal tensile strength of not less than 1770 mpa, minimum tension fracture is not less than 40 kn ( &; 8 mm steel wire rope) Or not less than 20 kn ( 拟定) 。 How do you do; 6 mm wire rope) 。 According to different purposes, stainless steel wire mesh diamond mesh side length is 300250200150120100 mm commonly. Grid length error is less than 20 mm. 3) Finished piece of specifications is commonly 4 x 4/2, 5 x 3/4/5/6 m, adjust the network block size can also be designed according to the requirement. Up and down the braiding; Compiled into a network of steel wire rope broken wires and wire not a phenomenon; Cross node with burke is fixed, the press, with the lap joint is not missing, steel rope with lap length for at least 10 mm; Net when withhold and lap with mechanical pressure welding, the surface must not have burst and obvious damage; Smooth shape, rope knot must not have obvious distortions. Ordinary stainless steel rope card buckle for overlapping part, length is not less than 35 cm, diameter less than 3 cm, wall thick degree of not less than 3 mm. Wire rope cross section. Wire rope cross section. Fixed a thickness of not less than 2 mm, the galvanized layer is not less than 8 & mu. The material and structure size of the grid and bonding process must ensure that the sliding power. Dislocation of ability is not less than 5 kn, tension is not less than 10 kn.
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