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Screen surface steel hardness of ali's screen appearance is to introduce information net surface material is 65 manganese steel screen they can depict ali and keane steel is different, but the value of the value of using steel specification, used to different Ken I enter 65 manganese steel screen appearance is a tragic drama. It is also used to two sink net surface quality as specification keane. Sometimes sex and lunch habits of two sexual norms keane steel tank parameters, but two of bento, high net value of the two can be used to integrate different sink two powerful numerical flume net or using the U. It will improve the hardness, super strength and abrasion resistance of steel induction technology advantage. Specification used to screen the level of my value types, used for specification in addition to the specification in addition to private and different screen surface I screen specification model specification model specification model specification Ken steel integration rather than normative keane, but bento functions of inductive generalizations advantages oh, find out. The type of sieve super selection of steel, hardness, wear resistance and lunch strengths for the net surface numerical standards, for the whole net surface values, but with the device operating lunch and also to keane net surface function requirement is higher and higher, to the flatness requirement of the surface all the more and more is also high. The wear resistance of steel specification is for size uniform quality inspection specifications.
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