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What is the specification for steel wire mesh

For wire mesh - — Stainless steel wire net, jiing stainless steel rope net factory production of stainless steel stair fence, * * * good quality, low prices, large quantities of the stairs for producers and exporters, good softness, fatigue resistance, tensile resistance, long service life, the custom make all kinds of size, about jiing on stainless steel stair fence, stair for net, stair fall prevention network cable, we use the wire rope cross weaving process, the characteristics of has the following advantages: 1. Lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, rust resistance and fatigue resistance, impact resistance, rupture strength, overall structure, durable, service life of the stainless steel wire mesh in more than 30 years; 2. Close to nature, green environmental protection, good flexibility, used for indoor and outdoor staircases fences, stair for the nets, can effectively buffer people fall to the ground, protect the safety of life, and can stop other falling objects. 3, good transparency, luxurious appearance, novel style, can be integrated with the surrounding environment, have very good decorative and protective effect. Among 4, one-time investment, permanent use, do not need any maintenance, the comprehensive economic benefit is can't be matched by other wire mesh products. Jiing on stainless steel rope net factory production of stainless steel rope mesh is widely used in: green plant climb fences, falling objects fence, garden for the rope net, stainless steel tiantai fence mesh, fence netting, stainless steel balcony stair fence netting, prevent falling objects, playground fence, animal cages, animal fence and so on.
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