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What is the product parameters of wire rope a net

Wire mesh bag, reclaiming mesh bag, reclaiming wire mesh bag, stone, steel wire rope mesh bag features: lightweight, high strength, not easy to rust. Good softness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, breaking force big, the whole structure is strong and durable. In more than 30 years, service life close to nature, green environmental protection. Better perspectivity, luxurious appearance, novel style, itself is a great landscape. Wire mesh, wire mesh bag, reclamation mesh bag, reclamation mesh bag, riprap fill wire rope net net project, flood protection project. Because of its by wire rope woven, has good flexibility and high strength etc. , on rocks in a net thrown into or sliding into the process of river bed, net twine is not easy to be cut, lower breakage, and no fixed shape easier to close to the bottom of the river, because a net not easily washed away by water, improve the filling and plugging success rate. To increase wire mesh, wire mesh bag, mesh bag, regeneration of wire mesh bag, stone, the service life of wire rope mesh bag requirements: 1, the stone or the stone surface should be smooth and slightly. Don't be too sharp side to avoid the scratch net twine. 2, a net amount of rock loading not more than 80%, for stone can better close to the bottom of the river, improve the filling, plugging success rate. Wire mesh ( The net) , wire mesh, wire mesh bag, mesh bag filling and reclamation mesh bag, stone, steel wire mesh bag: adopt high quality steel wire production. Twist around methods: can be divided into single rope, double rope and rope. Wire rope is made up of many root or more thin wire twisted flexible cord. Formed by multi-layer steel wire strand wire rope, and rope core center, and a certain number of strands wire cords twisted into a helix. In the material handling machinery for ascension, traction, taut and bearing. Wire rope with high strength, ( ) , stable work, is not easy to suddenly the whole characteristics of root fracture, reliable work. The structure of the steel wire rope: 1. Steel wire, steel wire rope have the effect of load, its performance is mainly determined by the steel wire. Steel wire is made by cold rolling or cold rolled carbon steel or alloy steel round ( Or alien) Steel wire with high strength and toughness, and surface treatment according to different environmental conditions. 2. Rope core role is largely increase the elasticity and toughness, lubrication steel wire rope, reduce friction and improve the service life of wire rope. Commonly used cable types including organic fibers ( Such as linen, cotton) , synthetic fiber, core ( High temperature conditions) Or soft materials such as metals. Wire mesh, wire mesh bag, mesh bag, backfill wire mesh bag, riprap backfilling pockets of wire rope features: 1. Eight: resistant wear resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, resistance to ozone, flexible, corrosion resistance. 2. Flame retardant, laceration resistant, long service life. 3. High tensile strength, elongation of small, into the slot. Impact resistant properties
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