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What is the main components of the heat resistant conveyor belt (metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Heat resistant conveyor belt conveyor belt is composed of many layers of polyester canvas or twill, Rubber cotton canvas) Up and down with heat-resistant rubber by high temperature or high temperature resistant rubber vulcanization and together, suitable for below 175 ℃ transport cement, carbon, slag, hot casting and so on. Heat resistant conveyor belt of the main application areas for construction, metallurgical industry. Heat resistant conveyor belt conveying material: coke, sinter, cement clinker, and so on high temperature materials. Conveying material temperature should not exceed 800 ℃, with the characteristics of the surface temperature does not exceed 220 ℃ heat resistant conveyor belt: use epdm rubber as the cladding, heat resistant conveyor belt skeleton material used is the high-end domestic special high temperature resistant canvas, unique formula design. Solved by ethylene propylene rubber high saturation and low adhesion between the layers, and poor adhesiveness. The characteristics of the heat resistant conveyor belt, long life, is a 2 - ordinary conveyor belt 4 times the left and right sides, with light body, is better than the ordinary conveyor belt of heat resistant performance. Everyone introduce heat resistant conveyor belt below Beijing bo rubber testing project. Heat resistant conveyor belt test project: overall performance test: roller, propane roadway combustion, into a groove degrees, full thickness tensile strength, antistatic, wire bonding strength, joint strength, joint life, adhesive strength between rubber and cloth layer, alcohol spray combustion. Analyze project: atlas analysis, failure analysis and material identification, full composition analysis, composition analysis and principal component analysis and so on. Performance test covering said: hot air aging, upper and lower layer peel strength, elongation at break, tensile strength, abrasion, acid and alkali layer, bonding strength and so on.
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