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The heat treatment temperature and time of 2 cr19ni9mo austenitic stainless steel cold-drawn wire rolling contact refers to the influence of the arrangement and function of spring. The phi 1. 6 mm 2 cr19ni9mo stainless steel wire and spring for tempering treatment, tempering temperature is respectively 380, 420, 460, 480, 500 ℃, and at each temperature insulation 1 ~ 4 h, air cooling after heat preservation. Survey 2 cr19ni9mo after tempering steel metallurgical arrangement, microhardness and tensile strength, and use the spring tension and compression testing machine testing after tempering spring characteristic value of the spring. 2 cr19ni9mo cold-drawn steel wire materials longitudinal section microscopic arrangements for typical cold fiber arrangement, fibrous occurs in the direction of drawing, the boundary is not easy to recognize. The state of the cold drawn 2 cr19ni9mo arrangement for a & # 39; The horse's body and residual austenite. In under 500 ℃ tempering process, with the increase of tempering temperature, carbon atoms dispersed carbide can increase, a. & # 39; Horse is austenite, and residual austenite decomposed into e carbide and low degree of supersaturation of a solid solution. After 480 ℃ tempering steel fibrous arrangements still exists, that at this time did not reply attack and recrystallization. The test results show that the 2 cr19ni9mo raw material hardness of the steel wire is about 407 HV1, at 380 ℃ and 420 ℃ temperature processing wire hardness safe within 450 ~ 470 HV1. At 460 ℃ and 500 ℃ temperature processing wire hardness is basic in 470 ~ 490 HV1 inside. After 480 ℃ heat preservation 2 h after tempering. The hardness of steel wire progress to 485 HV1, raw material progress compared to about 19%. In the ( 400±20) ℃ and ( 480±20) ℃ these two tempering temperature range, 2 cr19ni9mo wire hardness and tensile strength of steady progress, the steel after tempering hardness is controlled in 460 HV1, tensile strength of about 1, 950 MPa, touch the spring spring characteristics meet the requirements of planning.
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