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by:Candurs     2020-07-26
Stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer introduces what is the advantage of galvanized steel wire net. Galvanized wire mesh is made of low carbon steel wire as raw materials, precision machinery and equipment through automation welding processing after forming, surface treatment by zinc immersion process. F course of galvanized steel wire net surface is smooth and neat, uniform structure strong, the overall performance is good, good performance under pressure. Don't happen to loose the phenomenon such as welding, it is the anti-corrosion performance of the strongest in the steel wire mesh, and steel wire mesh USES one of the most widely network class. Galvanized steel wire net excellent anticorrosive makes its popularity in the feed, the net surface smooth and tidy, increased the look and feel, can be adornment effect, this characteristic also make it show up in the mining industry. Due to high quality with low carbon materials as raw materials, to make it unique general iron mesh screen does not have flexibility, determine its plasticity in use process, which can be used for metal processing manufacturing process, complex wall batch swings, underground leak proof against chapping, lightweight body, make the cost is much lower than the cost of screen mesh, more can understand its economy and economical. Who made material made of stainless steel mesh products can be described as stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and filter, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling nets, gas, liquid filtration and separation with other media.
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