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What is flexible wire mesh products parameters

Product features: flexible defend the net can be divided into: active passive fence fence and two. Flexible cable network mainly includes: 1. Wire mesh, ordinary steel grille ( Often said that the wire grid) And TECCO high strength steel wire grid. 2. The material steel wire rope net, rope and reduced pressure ring. Flexible cable net structure, to intercept rockfall fence is made of steel wire rope net ( A layer of wire to intercept a small piece of rock fall when additional grille) , the fixed system ( Anchor rod, anchor rope, rope base and support) , steel column, and reduced pressure ring of the four main parts. Flexible cable net features: 1. Product features high flexible, high protection strength, easy to spread out. To adapt to any slope terrain? Installation procedures standardized, systematic. 2. Block installed network using die cutting, short time limit, low construction cost. 3. System of material special manufacturing process and high anticorrosion technology, decided the system of ultra high life. 4. System can to * low build team's impact on the environment, the protection area can fully protect the soil and rock solid, convenience of artificial afforestation, environmentally friendly.
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