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What is a wire network weaving defects introduced

What is a wire network weaving defects? Wire mesh products factory in the stainless steel net factory introduce:
crease: net surface local fold, forming unrecoverable imprint.

hole: net has concentrated on the surface of warp or weft broken wire.

rust: net surface corrosion metamorphism,

rusty spot: net appears green, brown, or different color on the surface of small spots,

broken wires: warp or weft single net surface to disconnect.

mosquito mouth: wire loop, kink, empty out the net surface.

top button: bad meridian joint, the net surface.

shrinkage weft: parallel local bending cubic meters, mesh deformation.

and silk: two or more than two wire and woven together.

jump wire ( Jump hooks) Error: bureau of warp or weft cloth weaving.

pine: individual loose warp or weft displacement.

sundry weave: foreign body weaving within the network.

cloud weave: a soft parallel uneven or soft hard cause unorganized cloud network diagram.

bulge: regional drum surface.

double: warp or weft overlap.

big holes: net top wire hole size regularity.

light file: individual mesh surface sudden too big or too small.

loose edge: network edge wave shaped bulging.

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