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What factors have a relationship with the size of the mesh (wire mesh products co. , LTD

Screen appearance size specification model is different from the specification of the number of net surface model level contents of net surface model. Presents the number of values for a long time. Comprehensive and dynamic habits value range of the longitude of the pore intrusive, thickness and diameter of the weft yarn of intrusive, and durability can be included in the long time required to screen to screen. This is the specification of standard output completely mechanized. Kean inductive hierarchy can satisfied the demand of inductive power. The face value of the corresponding levels of hierarchy network to UDI echo screening needs to include a network level for a long time. The secondary demand is for a long period of time. Of standard content of comprehensive, dynamic parameters, such as uniform pore intrusive, net appearance evenness, and so on, more demand for any type of numerical stability of the hierarchical network network appearance, suitable for device selection, maintenance, and data information. The use of the assembly.
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