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What factors affect the length of the stainless steel net use time __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Stainless steel wire mesh using the length of time is the most main has relationship with using the environment. Such as the same stainless steel wire mesh used in dry environment, for a long time will not rust. But in damp environment use, the use of time is greatly shortened. And in acid and alkali environment using positive than in normal environment using a lot less time. We say that those above are based on the basis of the same material of stainless steel wire mesh. The use of stainless steel net time also material has a lot to do with it. As we use in the general environment, material 304 stainless steel wire mesh is good enough. But in use such as the sea environment, that is about to use the material such as 316, 316 l. Stainless steel wire mesh piece and piece between the article and network between plate and plate interweave, promote our liquid spreading screen fine, liquid can form a stable film on surface of the network, even if liquid spray density is small, and easy to reach completely wet, high theoretical plate number, large flux, pressure drop, low load performance is good, the theoretical plate number along with the decline of gas load is added. Almost no limit of large elasticity of operation under low load yi expanding effect is unknown; In view of the above advantages, stainless steel wire mesh corrugated packing can be satisfied with the fine, a large, demand of high vacuum distillation equipment, stainless steel surface with bleach and various acid, please immediately flush with water, then use ammonia solution or neutral fizzy soda solution immersion, or warm water wash with neutral cleaning agent.
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