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stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel wire and wire has a unique flexibility and burnish, but also directly create different metal art deco now, screen color, light, and limitless imagination, beautiful panoramic refraction. Well meet the requirements of the designer's style and personality.
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stainless steel factory to remind everyone not to maintenance of sprocket can also, but regularly, regular maintenance, is also a very lengthy process, only in this way, can lengthen the sprocket. In the process of maintenance and don't forget to check the operation of gear and bearing.
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stainless steel crimped wire mesh and so on all kinds of screen mesh of stainless steel square wire mesh is widely used for screening of solid materials, filter, filter the liquid. It involves many fields, such as chemical industry, food and condiment industry, mining, pharmaceutical, paper, metal powder, chemical fertilizer industry. Copying is applied to gas, liquid, and other filter medium separation compact mat type nets, stainless steel is widely used for precision pressure filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter etc industries.
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stainless steel welded wire mesh characteristics: strong resistance to oxidation corrosion, wear resistance, long service life. Here are a few of steel quality inspection process, when attached to the workpiece surface cold like lubricant, must have enough, wash with warm water, then on trichloroethylene degreasing agent, caustic soda solution degreasing, then heat treatment.
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the installation of stainless steel wire mesh belt is too tight, is not conducive to the maintenance work of the future, will also cause damage to equipment, thereby reducing the quality of the products. When the stainless steel net belt installed too tightly, it will increase the pressure of mesh belt between the device and, even in the device starts to increase the friction between machine and mesh belt.
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in claim stainless steel wire mesh, the expectation of longitude grid configuration and welding is necessary to grind the marginal unnecessarily weft diameter wire diameter, and operating functions, scheduling operation function should be according to the WHO is WHO. Use a different network need to be provided to show the mesh of the different needs of layered cut round the outside diameter of the same.
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is made of high quality stainless steel plate stamping or stretch, also known as stainless steel wire mesh or stainless steel net, stainless steel mesh. Stainless steel plate mesh can be used in the escalator, channel, mines, locomotives, roads, municipal facilities, residential areas.
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