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What conditions will improve the product technology of perforated plate (metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Users generally about the perforated plate production process requirements of the most high, not only the demand on the punching has high smoothness, together also needs to uniform degree to the satisfaction of their requirements, but this is the factory also have what kind of production conditions, there are many manufacturers also make them improve production technology, but will eventually because of no corresponding production condition that makes it technology, so it also needs to make it in this respect improved, so what kind of factory will make the improved in the production process of this product? First is an equipment of advanced nature, natural also cannot leave the equipment in the perforated plate production, if the device is a manufacturer with advanced, can make a plate in the meantime, after completion of the entire consists of an equipment, natural such conditions will make products improved in the above process, but due to the active equipment price is very high, not every manufacturer is introduced, so relatively small manufacturer the manufacturer of the financial strength of a lack of will to drop in the production process. And there's a situation in the manufacturer of perforated plate with high skills will progress under the condition of its technology, the skill is the top of the quality of the conditions, when the skills of a manufacturer has improved, also the lack of compensation equipment, after a high skill also pay to make it improve production technology, but this time also needs a high sense of responsibility. If it is a perforated plate manufacturers as long as the high skill, but no high sense of responsibility, also have no way to make it improved in the production process, due to the high technology will inevitably takes work, under this is also a kind of the progress of the production cost, so some factories without responsibility under the condition of it to drop process.
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