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Stainless steel wire mesh products in China, there are many standards, for example, American standard, national standard, German standard, method, standard, etc. , each region mesh of stainless steel wire mesh products standards are parts of the difference! At home also is national standard stainless steel net hole what standards and certification? So on is the standard mesh ( A corresponding corresponding mesh wire diameter = standard mesh) I plant for example stainless steel mesh size 8 0. Mesh 2 70 mm. 475, stainless steel wire mesh wire diameter 0. Corresponding standard 50 mm mesh 2. 4 orders, stainless steel net hole corresponding to 0. 45 mm mesh is 1. 13, 20 mesh stainless steel net zero. 30 mesh wire diameter of 0. 97, when the increase in the number. The corresponding weave stainless steel wire mesh products wire diameter will be reduced gradually, according to the corresponding form, there is this kind of form in our news, customer have not clear or don't understand, please reference data were analyzed, and corresponding form is not clear or don't understand the problem, can come to our factory phone consultation! Gb standard stainless steel net hole is installed for our domestic market 80% both customer and we all know that the manufacturer or distributor accepts or standard! Here we say that the price of stainless steel screen mesh, stainless steel wire mesh factory price is generally determined by what? Within our industry, of course, there is a certain algorithm, but the usual algorithm is the price of stainless steel wire and process cost, profit. The price of stainless steel wire plays a decisive role here, processing fee how much depends on the processing of stainless steel wire mesh. Some stainless steel mesh number is lower, so the net short processing time, processing fee is low, and some stainless steel wire mesh processing cycle is long, such as a 3500 - square - meter stainless steel net, single processing will be 7 days in a square meter, the nets in addition to processing, in addition to the loss of the certain even, such the net at the time of processing because we in the industry are 30 meters long is classified as one unit. Often when processing to a certain number of meters can appear problem, this will not be able to roll and sold it, the customer will not agree to such expensive part of the net to buy a small amount of unqualified products, because customers in the use of cuttings are used, it is difficult to guarantee a certain piece of won't appear above the product is unqualified, so such a network is retail.
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