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Stainless steel screen mesh, bilateral hulanwang hulanwang USES features to distinguish and frame, stainless steel screen mesh image is the most commonly used bilateral fence netting. Jane is a structure, convenient installation. The installation of the main or pillar can be changeable. Stainless steel screen mesh whether corner column, column tee, end column, also whether embedded columns or flange columns can be very simple to complete. This product has a grid structure concise, beautiful and practical; Easy to transport, installation is not restricted by the terrain ups and downs; Especially for the mountain, slope, bending area of stainless steel screen mesh strong adaptability; Medium to low prices, suitable for large area USES. Product use: bilateral guardrail is mainly used in municipal green space, landscape, flower bed unit green space, roads, ports, fence. Its products with beautiful modelling, design and color is diversiform, fence effect already, beautification effect. Framework fence is also known as' frame type and welding pieces of climbing network ', 'framework gelizha, etc. It is a kind of flexible assembly products, stainless steel screen mesh is widely used in China's highway, railway, highway, etc. ; Can be either stainless steel sieve into a permanent wall. And can be used as a temporary cars, need to adopt different pillar fixed way can be implemented. Frame fence than most bilateral hulanwang, its appearance is more beautiful and strong, but supplies more than bilateral fence netting, stainless steel screen mesh installation difficulty is also increase.
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