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What are the high quality plastic coated wire rope prominent advantages

High quality plastic coated wire rope has excellent corrosion resistance, in atmosphere, mine water, sea water corrosion resistance is a good general galvanized steel wire rope 3. 5 - 5 times. Plastic coated wire rope fatigue resistance function is good, for example with nylon coating and the godson durability of steel wire rope is generally hemp core or metal core ( See the rope) About 2 times of wire rope. Plastic coated wire rope first used in the mine improve cage, meat processing plant machinery, ships anchor, towing and fishing, fishing vessel net, etc. High quality plastic coated wire rope is nylon coated wire rope, nylon material with good toughness and tensile, no extension characteristics of coated nylon rope capital is high also, of course, is generally 2 - 3, one thousand tons of materials. So rarely use this product, but I think that is still with coated nylon rope. Aviation plastic coated wire rope is used in large aircraft and transport operation and control system's important component, in order to improve on the use of security, must be more like general function of wire rope has higher requirements. Such as tensile strength to reach 190 kg/mm 2 above, and each steel wire rope according to its structure and different specifications, choose the appropriate specifications. The color of the PVC plastic coated generally use transparent, colorless, our factory can also manufacture according to customer requirements of different colors. PVC coated wire rope surface must be smooth, rounded, no bubble, delamination, tumor scar and mechanical damage. PVC coated wire rope in each package should be no shorter than the total length of 300 m, if the user has specified length, can be made according to requirements. Important application of plastic coated wire rope core can be used, such as metal core wire and fiber core shares.
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