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Stainless steel wire mesh has now become the transportation industry, loved by the masses of users, the net belt must be in the process of application of the corresponding paint job, only in this way can better protect it, so what are the main spraying method about stainless steel wire mesh, we to understand in detail: the pretreatment of the stainless steel net, to make the coating adhesion is strong. Not easy to fall off, long life, before spraying the surface of the stainless steel mesh belt necessary preprocessing. According to the paint coating is dry dry physical and chemical nature of itself points and dry. Pretreatment of mesh belt of the Great Wall is very hub, spraying also needs a process, divided into three process, first improve predecessors pretreatment, then spraying, dry out finally. The order of the three steps can't change. Coating with grease paint, natural resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin and so on more than ten kinds of coating, can be in accordance with the actual qian of choice. Dry to make coating function good, hard, wear-resisting, necessary for its fully dry after use. Different kinds of stainless steel mesh belt pretreatment method is not the same. Spraying method of manual and automatic methods such as, static, electrophoresis, batch size, shape of the Great Wall net belt of the choice. Spraying according to different varieties, functions of the coating and curing the premise, the spraying process, the method is also different. The user can according to the stainless steel mesh belt shape, size, volume. Practice for rapid drying, often choose solvent evaporation coating or heat curing coating, through natural drying or simple drying process can achieve the ideal effect. Steel parts are mainly oil removal, rust removal, phosphating treatment, such as commonly used agent erase liquid decontamination oil removal, use mechanical or chemical cleaning, phosphating is the parts into acid dilute ( Density of 1 ~ 1. 1、PH = 1 ~ 3) , both the interface reaction will happen.
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