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We should constantly improve their own self-cultivation

Cultivation is a personal charm, the basis of all the strengths of the attractive source with the other.
culture refers to the individual theory, knowledge, art, thought of a certain level, is usually a person the embodiment of the comprehensive ability and quality.
if say, the formation of personal etiquette and culture requires various efforts to achieve, so the improvement of personal accomplishment is to rely on yourself.
good accomplishment is the most can reflect a person's grade and value, with a high personal accomplishment, to be the most has the individuality and personality charm, today, the market economy to push everyone to market, more and more influence the relationship of the profit drive, though, the utilitarian factors in building a healthy, still in the harmonious interpersonal relationship is very important. One's level of optimism to face setbacks, emotional control ability, understanding others' emotions ability and communication ability, etc. , are the important content of their self-cultivation. It to deepen communication and improve the personality charm has a pivotal role.
culture is culture, wisdom, kindness and knowledge of a virtue, is a kind of inner strength of noble life. Exquisite sentiment accomplishment, is we the good tradition of the Chinese nation. In ancient China there is a 'dependent cultivate one's morality in flat world.
to improve their own personality charm, it must start from shaping their own image.
why some people are talking, gestures, and even smile or greeting, and even when answering the phone will give a person a kind of wonderful feeling, while others instead? It is related to a person's accomplishment. From deep inside, every one of us appreciate the beauty. This beauty is not necessarily appearance long is very good-looking, Do not necessarily have a famous brand watch, or a very good voice. Treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them 'it was no good. However, there is a high culture are the most easy to stand out in the ordinary people, this is where personal charm.
a want to deepen their cultivation, the first thing to start from the 'change', starting with 'the', start from the self. So how exactly how to 'change', 'the'?
1, it should be changed, modified, change of heart: the most basic is the language of communication between human beings, not art if we speak, or speak not when, it is hard to get others to their favor. If habits is very heavy on character, malignant change, not bad heart don't change, see the evil in his heart, jealousy, ignorance, arrogance does not change, it is difficult to in morality, on the cultivation of improved. So you should learn to continuous improvement, to change, modification, change of heart, so you can get progress continuously.
2, should be educated, suffer, suffer indignities: on the way of life, why some people can progress continuously, while others backsliding? The problem is he can't 'on the'. And learning to read is in the same way, there are some people who are easy to progress, because he is willing to accept; Some people easily, because he's not in. We are in the process of deepening culture must first learn to education, education is to put the things in my heart, and digest it as their own thoughts.
we not only to education, and will suffer indignities. If a person can only accept the somebody else's praise, is not completely give yourself forever and increase strength, also should learn to accept others' criticism, guidance, and even damage. In a sense, can suffer, suffer indignities, can to progress.
3, should be thinking, thinking, thinking: no matter what things have to look before you leap. Thought is a smart, anything after deliberation, to do again will be bound to get twice the result with half the effort.
4, should dare to speak and dare to do, I dare: some people dare to express their own ideas, have opinions can't published in public, will only have privately talking; He also no, did not dare to do. Can't bear will not responsible for, not responsible for will not be able to get others to trust yourself.
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