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Wash the dishes with cloth and stainless steel wire ball? Too hurt the hand! With this a few items, kitchen clean and not dirty hands - News and information - Business information

When it comes to washing the dishes, no one will love it. Anyway, every time you talk about this topic, there will always be around you a series of complaints. After all, look at a pile of greasy POTS and pans in the sink, certainly not in a good mood. And dishwashing said don't need time, to put up with his hands all kinds of oil, detergent, the results may not be clean, is done in vain, and this is the place where the most angry. But these problems won't happen, because there are these dishes handicrafts can help you. First, prepare to dishwashing gloves do household chores, but not to be, so it is best to prepare double dishwashing gloves and avoid oil, avoid cold water puncture, let us hand to take care of, so our household is more convenient. This kind of silicone glove modelling is simple, modelling is novel, make gloves has multifunction, both can be used as a sponge brush, and can be directly used for cloth gloves, even under the condition of oil pollution, the pure silica gel material also can easily handle, and has the advantages of high temperature resistance, heat insulation, very hot. Second, if wash the dishes when you can't stand the feeling of oily be soiled, washing the dishes is a good helper. Long handle design makes your hand doesn't directly touch oil. Now some upgrade version of the dishwasher handle can also be stored detergent, gently press when cleaning liquid, save time and effort, it is lazy essential artifact. 。 In addition, the dishwasher general equipped with two brushes - today Sponge brush and brush, different materials, in order to meet the demand of various clean. And most of the soft material, even the titanium coating, nor a bowl with damage. The utility model multi-functional liquid washing, can remove stubborn stains, sponge brush head has soft and nondestructive coating. Inject liquid cleaner at the end of the cleaning agents, hydraulic smooth, smooth, convenient, fast. Easy cleaning, washing and cleaning of traditional dish brush that it was a bad thing. When it is used, it will always get the hands of oil. This is a problem. This is a problem. This is a problem. Less trouble. The hydraulic washing bowl brush is designed to the liquid pressure, use rise more convenient, also won't let hand stained with oil. It is very practical and intimate.
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