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Using exhaust fan safety technical measures is introduced

Use the safety technical measures of exhaust fan
to better solve the coal surface triangulation point after the local gas accumulation phenomenon, we use lead exhaust fan ( Fan is developed by chongqing MeiKe branch mine explosion-proof draw-out axial flow local ventilator, model FBDC - No6. 15 kw x 2 0 of the whirlwind machine) Triangle points after local accumulation of gas for smoke exhaust, in order to ensure the safely and effectively play the role of the exhaust fan, to ensure safety in production, the use of lead exhaust fan to develop safety measures are as follows:
lead exhaust fan set requirements
fan triangle points in 200 - after first installed in the distance 300 metres, the fan hanging in the roof, using a dedicated power supply, and strictly according to the product manual set. When need to move a location designated by the security area. With filter in the suction side duct, is apart from the ram 10 - suction Within 15 meters of the 'virtual union' a ram joint, as a safe wind window. From 10 - security the wind out of the window side Within 20 meters of ram set gas sensors to monitor the gas concentration, the exhaust fan to realize the gas power atresia.
set of ram requires using
duct diameter of 0. 8 m skeleton ram to ram hanging straight, joint tightly don't air leakage, slowly turn, turn not sharp. Each ram hanging to pull out, to prevent the ram resistance is too large, affect the fan air volume. Hanging ram cannot and cables in the same side, and hanging on the roof of roadway to minimize impact on pedestrians, traffic.

safety technical measures ZongCaiDui will watch listing on the exhaust fan. After tile inspection member is responsible for the management, mobile triangle points of ram. Lead exhaust fan when using ram suction can not be directly on high gas area, to a certain distance between, make the gas inside the suction duct after security wind window into the wind flow mixing is under 2%.
gas sensor in the suction side ram alarm concentration is greater than or equal to 2. 0%, the power value is greater than or equal to 2. 5%. Reply message density is less than 2. 0%. Gas sensor according to gas concentration reached 2. 5% or more than two. 5%, the RACES must be able to automatically cut off the exhaust fan and power in the working face. Monitoring electrical calibration sensor once every 7 day, ensure the sensor is sensitive and reliable.
the outlet duct of exhaust fan is located in - 410 EW407 special back to the wind tunnel, and ram hanging in the roof, wind direction on the roof, as well as the EW407 give special return air entrance fencing and warning signs, to prevent the personnel to enter. And will be linked to special EW407 back inside the air duct stainless stainless steel, cable, pipe and other metal disconnect. In front of the led the ventilation system of exhaust fan wind mixed with special EW407 return air duct ( The eliminator before 30 metres) Gas sensors, alarm power concentration is greater than or equal to 1%, complex concentration is less than 1%, power range for exhaust fan power itself.
before each open lead exhaust fan, you must first play big virtual ram joint union ( Secure the wind window) And ram suction in the gas density not overrun the wind flow. Fan is operating normally, after shrinking virtual clearance, set suction, triangle points after the smoke exhaust gas. When gas sensor alarm in the suction side ram are timely play virtual league clearance to dilute gas or move the suction for of the ram, to prevent the inhalation of gas concentration caused by transfinite fan is frequent power outages, influence the effect of smoke exhaust.
into the ram within forepole stainless stainless steel wire hanging is strictly prohibited in the line of 8 # stainless stainless steel, must use a hairdryer cloth hanging.
tile inspection member in the triangle mobile ram or block linen drapes, body are forbidden to go into the
processing gas gas area.
tile inspection team will check it again every day ram in good condition, found damaged or hang loose ram immediately processing.
the suction in front of the ram within 1 meter to ensure that no wood scraps and pieces of cloth, plastic bags and so on sundry, to prevent the inhalation of air blower fan fault.
lead exhaust fan starts, every time to check the fan and roadway wind flow switch near 20 meters of gas concentration, only when the gas concentration below 1% before start the fan. Must try run before every open at the same time, determine whether the fan reversal, prevent wrong operation. Must first be a standalone when open, after being single normal, and open double machine operation.
to check the fan fan operation without noise or abnormal sound, sound, casing in the sealing parts for air leakage and ram have sucked flat, found to have problems timely stop processing.
wind member to determine a weekly ram suction side and at the end of exhaust air volume, ensure the fan air volume to meet requirements.
as the working face advancing, want to retreat in time and adjust the suction side duct, to ensure the best effect of smoke exhaust, retreat of the ram to be shipped to fan in neat pattern, and for management, to loading in time when a car away.
to move the work need to disconnect the way such as a fan ram, ram tuyere absorption prior to be moved to the gas concentration less than 1% of the area, it is forbidden to ram within the whole wind pressure wind flow by more than 1% of the gas.
gas sensor in the suction side ram must be kept in ram and on location, and away from the wind wall is larger than 100 mm, sensor window tightly don't air leakage at any time.

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