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Understand the basic requirement of wire mesh

SNS flexible cable net technology since introduced into China in 1995, has been successfully used in domestic railway, highway, hydropower, mining and municipal engineering in the thousands of slope engineering. Compared with traditional typical masonry structure, social system not only has the function of the traditional method, and can be satisfied the basic requirements of slope geological disaster prevention and control of new technology. The SNS flexible cable net is made of what material? It is composed of eight wire rope ( Tensile strength of 1770 Mpa, tension crack > 40 kN) , with a special 'with buckle node. Slope protection network, as one of the primary characteristics of components, is a automatic wire mesh to complete slope reinforcement of slope protection. Its opening nature can complete to natural vegetation and slope vegetation growth conditions of the best maintenance. The combination of complete environment maintenance and disaster management. In forced protection system, the sensitive characteristic of energetic completed to collapse and rockfall useful interception, SNS flexible cable net data and testing standard: DO / 08/300/4 * 4 structure: after the wire rope weaving with fasteners, wire rope net product features: wire mesh is one of the first grid type of SNS flexible maintenance system in the automatic protection. After covering the wire rope net to complete slope reinforcement, its open features can complete natural vegetation on the slope and the vegetation growth conditions of the best maintenance. Simplifies the structure and basic form of steel wire net, have set up a cross between two pillar of steel, make its for a variety of mixed and disorderly terrain has strong adaptability, how to detect the SNS flexible cable net SNS flexible wire rope net information and testing under normal conditions.
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