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many stainless steel wire mesh specifications, the more the number of stainless steel wire mesh market, its product problems discussion on the consumer gradually schedule every day. How to customize their stainless steel net line option, it will pick up most high manganese steel or stainless steel, it is relativity, but also has a certain toughness, but its quality is not the same manufacturer, has also led to its quality is not stable.
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the net content of the corresponding grade level of the team's level using the selected level of stainless steel wire mesh point value appearance using the selected skill standard of information, in order to better corresponds to in order to use the differences of operation, in order to better corresponds to a good level.
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the so-called screen is different from general wire mesh products. But there are a series of strict mesh size. Grading and object, in the industry, agency line filtering, recognized standard wire mesh products. Screen don't speak 'number', 'number', but people describe the habit of screen mesh, difficult to overcome. Unlike sieve net products, it has a strict mesh size, rather than the 'number'.
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say that finish, without surface treatment, the protection of the operation is simple and convenient. High temperature oxidation, stainless steel wire mesh tolerance of temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, S stainless steel net under temperature as high as degrees Celsius. Acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance performance is good. High strength, high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and durability.
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what you know about stainless steel net application, but now I think it's not too late. We will learn about the application of stainless steel net. Metal pipeline transmission, high temperature heat treatment furnace network; Stainless steel wire mesh; Transmission network; Tunnel kiln mesh; The Great Wall net; Drying net; Tuzhuang equipment net; Spraying equipment net; Cleaning machine network; Food; Food chain plate cleaning. How much
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stainless steel wire mesh screen inspection shall, in accordance with the relevant right use of measuring tools and test equipment to the technical requirements of national standards. Quality square mesh of stainless steel is? Nspection, do not use the sampling method. The diameter of the stainless steel wire stainless steel wire material and surface material deviation inspection shall be flat light, no longitudinal tensile mark, burrs, rust removing defects such as; Wire diameter tolerance should comply with the provisions of material conform to the requirements.
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stainless steel application more and more widely. People know that stainless steel does not rust, that's why people love. More than many people think that never rust stainless steel
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