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To the proper use of stainless steel wire mesh, the farmer will stainless steel wire mesh electricity electricity dead frog man

A man up a father, but at the edge of the stainless stainless steel wire mesh found the bodies of his father. Police investigation found that the man's father due to electrocution. On the night of the crime, the rust on the stainless steel wire mesh is charged with electricity, who pingyang lu of a power supply is connected. Lou a why make the power of the stainless stainless steel wire mesh? She want to do? Pingyang's procuratorate yesterday revealed that Lou a suspicion of the crime of causing death by arrest.

the site in pingyang Zhu Shan green street, next to a piece of land. A 62 - year - old, home is near the field, the cultivation of crops for a living. Lu said, in the evening, haunted by wild boar and other animals in the mountains, are often destroyed their crops. Last September, a husband around this piece of land, build a ring stainless stainless steel wire mesh, and connected to a power source. As long as at home turned on the power, stainless stainless steel wire mesh will be powered, form a grid. As a result, not only effectively prevent the animal, but also can at night electricity pour some wild boar, mountain suede, etc. , more than an additional income.

this year on September 6, one from a nearby villagers heard, his house on the hill crops destroyed by animal again. That night, Lou a home opened the stainless stainless steel wire of power supply on the hill. The next morning, he only cut off the power supply.

overnight, but tragedy happened. This is electricity pour is not animal, but people. A surname ray cangnan man up the mountain and catch a frog, run into electricity of stainless stainless steel wire mesh, accidental electrocution. Because LeiMou hasn't been home, can not contact phone also, LeiMou up the mountain for the son of the father. Until later in the afternoon, the incident LeiMou finally found his father, the son of the father is unfortunate.

a replacement, she thought that the power strength is not big, not kill so serious.
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