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To order a large quantity of stainless steel wire mesh users a little advice

If customer friend needs some kind of specifications of the stainless steel wire mesh series products quantity is large, might as well first order less test for a period of time, or send us some samples, make sure that with no problem. To adjust the material size, the pursuit of interests to maximize efficiency, bulk purchase blindly, one thousand material specification and so on have errors of hurt too big, we will give some advice, eventually to use the situation decision, pig bed net, for one, we through a return visit to the pig factory, pigs with conservation of obstetric table 4 mm wire diameter, big pig with a 6 mm wire diameter, the actual usage could reflect good, if pigs with 5 mm wire diameter, big pig with 8 mm silk diameter, is no problem, the cost will be high many, many customers friends want to use the wire diameter thicker, consider is durable, use time longer, like this might as well go to a small amount of order some customers reflect the good, even if the actual use is not ideal, in loss in larger size also is not big, if use the ideal, the cost is much lower. Slightly more trouble, ideal effect is the ultimate goal.

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