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in the life, made from stainless steel net filter, the teapot stereo TV dust cover, stainless steel screen mesh, stainless steel sieve, etc. , are the necessities of life. With better living conditions, people began to pay attention to the way of life. Due to the nature of the stainless steel, stainless steel products for many young people to chase the goods.
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how difference between hubei people feel rusty stainless steel screen form passivation film of amorphous phase, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is splendid, it is in the form of the oxygen, the natural world of constant, amorphous phase stainless steel wire mesh necessary recovery, held in accordance with the clean cloth without oil.
stainless steel net in guangzhou how can have on magnetic
when drawing, due to the high hardness of tin oxide and no plastic, on the other hand, it will scratch the mold wall and between the steel mould and steel, iron and purse, increase the friction, serious when the broken line. Drawing, the use of metal plastic metal mold in the way of the effect of stamping processing.
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metal corrosion and chemical etching, can be divided into two types of electrochemical corrosion. Under high temperature, with the oxygen in air oxide reaction directly, this is a kind of chemical etching of the metal. Slowly corrosion at room temperature. Main electrochemical corrosion of metal corrosion. Electrochemical corrosion is basically by metal ionization in the medium.
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would rust stainless steel wire mesh, I'm sure a lot of friends will think, how can rust stainless steel will never rust. In fact, this is not the answer.
sanmenxia of the specifications of the stainless steel wire mesh is how to determine the
the outside line of the small diameter stainless steel pipe steel wire net, large diameter stainless steel metal hose is optional woven steel, the intention is more fully accept working under pressure, and then help the life of the stainless steel hose. However, the production of stainless steel metal hose materials, as long as the stainless steel materials, iron or stainless steel material.
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the preparation of passivation liquid water and water washing of chloride ions also have strict quality requirements, to ensure that the passivation products do not contact the chloride ion, avoid failure happens in the future. Surface cleanliness. The stainless steel mesh belt, the lower the surface roughness, surface lubrication, foreign bodies, the more difficult it is to enter the different parts, the lower the probability of corrosion. Therefore, stainless steel wire mesh belt should be completed as soon as possible.
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