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Since aircraft successfully with the people of god, human to now have never sleeps on the faster, higher, further pursuit and yearning, as the plane are only allowed to be used into the war from the earliest, then thoroughly used in combat, military aircraft now also with different tasks spawned a huge family, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft this model, with no effective ground-to-air know birth of weapons, with the characteristics of high speed, high for many ceiling of fighter planes are all hope but it limited, in the high altitude reconnaissance aircraft types, it must be not strange to boys U2. Besides it has make a lot of people are looking at that time but it's performance, it also claims to be the world the most difficult open of the plane, it's every landing for the pilot is like playing a 'with a balance beam of stainless steel wire as acrobatics'. It not only in the land and take off the plague pilots, ground crew served at the same time it is also tortured, it must still thanks to its unique landing gear arrangement, U2's design is its altitude must reach more than 20000 meters, to replace the RB - Boeing 47 spy plane, in order to avoid the Soviet union advanced mig fighter 17 ( Ceiling is 13716 meters) , so in order to achieve high altitude, high speed, large range, U2 adopted to make super string long wings than similar to a glider. Also abandoned the traditional three-point landing gear design, which USES the double main landing gear wheel bicycle, rear wheel and arranged into a straight line, took off all income belly forward, due to the wing span is too long, so on both sides of the wing is also equipped with a may throw landing gear, used to play the role of auxiliary balance when take off, simply say is like a child learn bike when training wheels, and the two wheels are cast type, after take-off will be abandoned. This time there will be friends wonder, since in order to make the two aircraft taking off balance training wheels have been thrown away, so what about when landing, the question, of course, also will be considered in design of U2, the solution to this problem is to 'let each pilots learn to play acrobatics' yes for U2 every landing like play acrobatics, of course, serve it on the ground of ground staff where is not easy, not like other aircraft ground, only to wait until finished aircraft taxiing and in its into designated maintenance hangar, U2 from ground to learn driving. When U2 spy plane landing, ground crew will be driving a big car following, when the plane touches the ground of that a moment, U2 and continued balance keep the wing touches the ground when I was in high speed running, the ground will drive the car been U2 ass after accelerator pedal, U2 on the pilot run to balance beam is a hand when I was in stainless steel wire acrobats, until after the plane is almost close to the delicate and pretty steady, to make a wing touches the ground, from the point of view, thought that the plane had any danger. After U2 is quite steady, ground chap quickly with the two wheels run to the plane, along with a few big guy like playing on the seesaw, holding up one side of the wing to wing on the other side can install auxiliary wheel stuck up, and then solve his side training wheels. After installed wheels, this time to make the tractor to the plane into a specified hangar, and that a set of processes in every land and take off is not out of the negligence do it again, so the U2 pilot is 3 times of ordinary fighter with scale, this also no wonder, others aircraft are calm, whereas U2 flight is to play in the life. Had exhibited four U2 debris about U2 had some classic is not so, as well as boys can familiar 'bamboo stabbed down' the allusions, a total of seven global U2 spy plane was shot down, there are five is 'is a bamboo pole to poke down', this also created the air defense guided weapons hit the plane first, become a generation.
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