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Corrosion resistance of stainless steel mesh belt is better than the same common chain of corrosion resistance is strong, so, we choose quality priority, please secure the manufacturer produces stainless steel mesh belt. Containing corrosive substances in the delivery chain, inevitable to touch with corrosive materials, simple present class type from rust mottled rust, parts will affect the hinge and the reversal of the roller chain came true. Also can present stress corrosion and grain corrosion condition. In transport containing corrosive substances under the condition of using the chain, it is necessary to face up to the chain parts material selection; Made of martensitic stainless steel series parts of the chain will rust also depends on its working conditions. Stainless steel mesh belt, please also the use of our transport chain containing corrosive substances in the future, detailed cleaning in time, because the assumption is not timely cleaning, chain and adhere to the appearance of corrosive substances exposed in the air, will certainly to attack more severe oxidation reaction and chemical reaction with corrosive string string. Together, in cleaning at the best use of warm water wash temperature of 35 degrees or so, avoid by all means don't use any time in cleaning detergent containing chemicals and disinfectant. Because sanitizers contain chemicals can attack and stainless steel reaction, can affect the use of chain life.
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