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The tuen mun highway guardrail stainless steel rope net were severely damaged _ chanda stainless steel rope net bar

by:Candurs     2021-01-25
According to our country 'highway law' regulation, highway guardrail pedestrian safety stainless steel rope net is the basic facilities, any unit or individual cannot destroy at will. Reporters follow sea view along the tuen mun highway road administration personnel, found by the side of the road in a stainless steel wire rope mesh fence is artificially cut a meters long hole, even a meters wide path to the highway, there are the marks of vehicles passing lane. Road law enforcement officials told reporters that the new path to a nearby village, the villagers to convenience here opened a hole without authorization. In sea chariot kilometers + meters, reporters saw, highway guardrail stainless steel rope mesh by artificial damage is more serious, the whole metal guardrail and the screw is sawing. Highway law enforcement officials told reporters, several highways in highway long highway patrol, it is often difficult to get the current.
in this paper, by professional fence stainless steel rope mesh manufacturers' chanda stainless steel rope net bar,
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