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The technological requirements of manganese steel wire mesh (wire mesh products co. , LTD

Manganese steel wire in dressing, ore dressing, ore dressing, ore dressing, ore dressing, ore dressing, etc have stronger resistance to wear. 8 mm steel wire 3 cm hole is mainly crusher broken stone material selection and use. 65 manganese steel weaving pick use 3 cm screen mesh, mesh machine, screen does not surpass 3 cm. In general, the hardness of stone materials, is thought to be able to consider component can only add bearing information. Data of knock against and wear is rigid strength and wear resistance of 65 manganese steel wire. Use same grade. We want to say is, 65 manganese steel arrangement in vibrating screen screen is the most can reflect sieve 3 cm on the stone material used. Livelihood and economic value of choosing intention is enterprises to carry out the pillar, also, we depend on each other. The economic value and the cooperation relationship together. In selected using the wire diameter and mesh is the 'melting point' access to each other, will select appeared normal operation cooperation together, and pick out the stone material separation process. Each link can see, the produce and produce of each link should be taken seriously, not taken seriously, so we should seriously from every little link.
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